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            The Fire District maintains an active roster of a maximum, thirty Members, of these Members, ten are Fire Officers, and twenty are Firefighters. Ranked as follows, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Battalion Chiefs (2), Captains (3), Lieutenants (3), Firefighters (20). 



            The Fire District is structured with a three member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Mt. Zion Township Board of Trustees. The Fire Chief, under the direction of the Board of trustees, is responsible for fire district operations and management. Subordinate fire officers assist the fire chief with these duties. 



            As a combination organization we have a mix of full and part time staff and volunteer firefighters. By providing fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical service (Advanced Life Support) the intent of the fire district is to preserve the life and property of the inhabitants of our jurisdiction and any persons or property within our boundaries to the best of our ability.



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